My name is Iyad Qumri and I am an independent "on the ground" guide for pilgrimages in the Holy Land. This means that I am not associated with any college. Once you arrive at the airport in Tel Aviv, Israel or Amman, Jordan, your transportation will be waiting, your lodging will be expecting you, and all of your site fees and food including tips will be included. I want each of you to completely relax in the hands of your leaders. You are on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and you will see and experience more than you ever imagined.

         I was born in Jerusalem, grew up in the Holy Land, attended schools here and most important this is where my family lives. This is also where I met and married my wife, Simone, and where our two sons Sami and Rami were born. I am proud to say that they are both now working with me, hand-in-hand in the tour business. We also have a home in Jericho and will be inviting you there to visit.

         Professionally I have been leading tours for more than twenty years. I am a Christian guide and my pilgrimages have represented a number of denominations including Catholic, Episcopal and

Iyad Qumri

Methodist. Many of my groups return a couple of years later bringing friends and family with them. I consider this to be a tremendous compliment.         


         One of the highlights of my career is being named a Canon in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. This means that even though I am not a priest I have been recognized for my religious contributions to this diocese.



Iyad Qumri

Sami Qumri

           Sami Qumri provides expert “back office” support to the pilgrimage ministry, employing his expertise as a professional Graphic Designer for the website and other promotional media.  But Sami also joins the pilgrims on occasion to assist with special needs, respond to questions about the land and its cultures, and to add his own unique welcome to visitors from all over the world. 


           Born and raised in Jerusalem, Sami’s experience and schooling are global, from learning and living with an international community during high school to four years of study at Brevard College. A small liberal arts college in the United States.

Rami Qumri

           Rami Qumri is our financial administrator and accounting manager at Qumri Pilgrimages. He is responsible for managing and directing financial operations and maintaining financial records.

Living abroad and experiencing other international communities and cultures, Rami has his own unique ability in service to help pilgrims connect spiritually with the history of the Holy Land and its people's culture.


            Born and raised in Jerusalem as well, Rami, who graduated from University of New Orleans in Louisiana, has extensive knowledge and experience in Global Tourism and Hospitality. 

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